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About Us


Von Blythen was founded in 1997 by Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch to produce handmade culinary products from flower blossoms and other pure, natural ingredients, using her own recipes and traditional production methods. We want to give our customers a sensual experience, awakening them to multi-faceted enjoyment and engagement of all of their senses.


Recipes and products are created with blossoms as flavouring components thus extending our culinary spectrum. In addition to basic products such as blossom vinegar, honey and syrup which give dishes a unique floral aroma, there are also products such as jams, liqueurs and marinades made with flowers for immediate enjoyment.


Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch conveys her knowledge of the pleasures that can be experienced and the use of flowers in her cooking classes, publications and in the media.


As a sustaining member of the Slow Food Germany movement, she places great value on sustainably produced products. In 2011 began the process of organic certification of the products.