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Verzuckerte Veilchen


Edible Flowers


Flowers are a wonderful enrichment to the kitchen. But please note some important things to ensure that pleasure remains pleasure:


  • Most blossoms are edible. Do not experiment with any flowers that you do not clearly and unequivocally recognise as being edible. On this website you will find a list of edible flowers - it should help you to get started on the subject. But do take care: if you are unsure, do not eat the plant.
  • Flowers for culinary use should not be treated with pesticides or chemicals of any kind. Thus plants from the florist for example are not suitable for consumption. Edible flowers can often be found in supermarkets and greengrocers. Of course, it is best to grow the flowers in your own garden. Note that plants grown close to farms can accidentally be contaminated by air-borne chemicals resulting from spraying. Also, flowers growing by the roadside may be unsuitable.
  • It is possible that some flowers can cause allergic reactions. Therefore we recommend that you remove the parts of the plants that carry pollen.Usually blossoms are served in small quantities on the plate and side effects are rare.