Our Production


Our Production


In order to provide you with an innovative and delicious culinary experience, we create our homemade specialities using the finest ingredients of organic flowers, petals and blossoms. 


It takes a lot of experimenting and fine-tuning, as well as dedication and attention to detail, before we will introduce a new product for sale in our shop. In that process we pay close attention to the re-discovery and variation of the naturally occurring variability of several aromas inherent in flowers.


We experiment with traditional recipes, which we change according to contemporary trends, eventually leading to the creation of new recipes that are tested, refined and finally written up and archived.


In this process it is imperative to us that we work carefully with all natural raw materials.  The same meticulous approach applies to the entire production process.  By focusing and insisting on such high standards we continue to ensure a high quality of our end products.


In addition, we are dedicated to keep our business as a low production enterprise. We don’t believe in outsourcing and make it our mission to keep all aspects of our production in-house, including the development of our products, the choice of raw materials, the traditional approach to production as well as the sale of our products. By doing so we provide the most possible transparency and accountability to our customers.